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We are happy to see you at! Do you prefer keeping your cards and cash in a wallet or a cardholder? Do you always take your smartphone with you? If you think of it, you will realize that you actually risk losing a lot of valuable things every single day. Do you remember how you used to choose a wallet or a phone case? In fact, those choices were more than simple: wallets could only be bi-folds, tri-folds, or clutches with fewer or more pocket, made of either fabric or leather, while cases differed in type and print. However, times have changed. Now, pickpockets can “steal” your wallet without even touching it with the use of skimming. Electronic pickpocketing is becoming a real concern: the problem is that a lot of driving licenses, passports, and credit cards come with embedded frequency identification chips, which can get activated with an RFID reader. If someone with a reader does it, he or she can get any information without your knowledge. For the purpose of protecting you from such scam, RFID blocking wallets and phone cases have been created. They are designed to isolate your belongings from electronic pickpocketing. Are you interested in increasing the safety of your cards and phone info? Then, you have come to the right place. We are here to offer you the biggest collection RFID accessories, including ID and cardholders, RFID aluminum wallets, RFID wallet passports, RFID key holders, RFID phone stickers, and RFID phone cases.

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